Phyl Lobl, Author, folklorist, historian, performer, Cultural Maintenance Worker:

Phyl Lobl

“The decision by Magda’s to once again hold several performances of the show is testament to the values of those who run Magda’s. They are people who recognise the value of our History and The Arts in the lives of a community. They have insight, intelligence and a talent for finding and developing performances for many cutting edge creators and performers beside myself.”

Dames and Daredevils for Democracy produced by Magda’s 2017 and 2018.

 Senator Claire Moore, Senator for Queensland.

Senator Claire Moore

“Since 2012 I have attended many events at Magda.
I know that I am a late comer to this theatre…and I have found there is an amazing range of performances on their agenda, and I am only sorry that I have not been able to get to more.
From classical strings, guitar, to wonderful folk and jazz, from poetry to drama and musical theatre, Magda has provided an intimate venue, allowing a very personal experience and a sense of deep involvement.
I always feel welcome at this venue where there is almost a club atmosphere, inviting everyone in the theatre into the special magic of the performance and creating a special bond between the artists and their audience. This is often enhanced by audience involvement, not the embarrassing kind, rather the solidary of the event. I am not aware of any similar venue in Brisbane.”

Bardon Strings: Anne Keenan, Musical Director / Conductor, musician and teacher.

Bardon Strings

“We perform with a strong social conscience, helping charities and not for profit causes as a part of the positive social fabric of Brisbane. This is a key part of the Magda’s philosophy and one we value and thoroughly support. Magda’s is unique in times when so many cannot see beyond themselves and profit. Magda’s is a venue that allows small groups to have a meaningful presence in the Brisbane suburbs adding to our cultural mix, understanding and community diversity.”

Rehearsed and performed at Magda’s, here and here, the latter a fundraiser for the Demazong Academy, Sikkim.

Michael MacManus, Melbourne Guitar Foundation:

Melbourne Guitar Foundation

“As Artistic Director of the Melbourne Guitar Festival and co-partner of the Melbourne Guitar Foundation I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the culturally significant and important work Magda Community Artz undertakes.
Magda has hosted some of the finest classical guitarists in the world, including Adriano Del Sal, Gian Marco Ciampa, Johannes Møller, Laura Fraticelli, Lorenzo Micheli, Thibaut Garcia, Jose Maria Gallardo Del Ray, and the New Zealand Guitar Quartet – to name a few. With many more already planned for 2018. Magda’s support in this regard is paramount in the logistical and financial requirements needed to bring these musicians to Australia. Due to Magda’s assistance, the Melbourne Guitar Foundation was able to have the opportunity to host these musicians at our Melbourne Guitar Festivals and concert series.
I would like to point out three areas Magda has an immense impact on: Education, Career Support for Emerging Australian Artists, and Cultural Benefits for the General Public…. “

Magda Community Artz is a sponsor of the Melbourne International Guitar Festival.

John Couch, New Zealand Guitar Quartet:

New Zealand Guitar Quartet

” … On the behalf of the New Zealand Guitar Quartet I would like to thank you for hosting us as part of the Brisbane International Guitar Festival last night. Without your invite to the festival we would not have included Queensland, Australia on our 2018 tour schedule. In fact we would not have included ACT and NSW concerts either. Your invite was fundamental in us being granted a significant grant for travel by Creative New Zealand to cover our flights throughout this current tour of Australia, New Zealand and North America.

As you may know we have performed in a wide diverse cultures including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, and throughout Europe and I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful performance space; one that is among the best of them. The acoustics are superb, and the size of the room made for an intimate and charming performance. With our hand made Australian acoustic guitars, we simply did not need any amplification. We are honoured to have been added to long list of world class performers whose past posters grace the walls of the Magda Community Centre.”

Performed at Magda’s, 02.06.2018.

Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey:

Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey

“I am Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey, Spanish guitarist and composer and I would like to express my support and gratitude to MAGDA COMMUNITY ARTZ and to its director, Mr. Mervyn Langford. I performed at Magda Community Artz in Brisbane last November 2017 as a part of my Australian tour. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience and was one of the highlights of my Australian tour. Their love, support, appreciation and knowledge about the arts is absolutely marvellous and I do believe that the Brisbane community should be very proud of this centre.”

Performed at Magda’s, 25.11.2017

Karin Schaupp, Head of Classical Guitar, Qld Conservatorium:

“… Magda’s is a unique cultural space of enormous importance for Brisbane’s artistic community. Magda’s is an independent arts organization with no equal in Queensland, and perhaps even in Australia, putting on a wide variety of events and bringing artists to Brisbane who would otherwise not come here to perform, much less give classes and share their knowledge….. It has become increasingly difficult for small community arts organisations to survive, and whilst Magda’s is arguably much more than an arts organisation, it does play an important role alongside Queensland’s large arts organizations, in providing a space and an audience to international and domestic solo touring artists, smaller ensembles, and people imparting important knowledge and creativity to our arts community. It is also a space for new art to be created, at a grass-roots level where so much great art has its beginning, before ending up on the world stage.”

Sally Harris, composer and performer Gone Molly, arts organisor:

Gone Molly

“I’m the manager, songwriter and lead vocalist for the band Gone Molly, winner of the Australian Celtic Music Awards “Artist of the Year 2018”, “Celtic Group of the Year 2018” and “Producer of the Year 2018”. Venues like Magda’s are few and far between in our communities these days, and are one of the few places that bands like mine can play. Our genre does not fit with the pub and restaurant scene, therefore we rely heavily on festivals, house concerts and venues like Magda’s for exposure. … Acclaimed international artists who play to much larger audiences overseas often find themselves scratching for venues in Brisbane, which is why it’s so important that they have somewhere to come; otherwise we lose those opportunities to Sydney and Melbourne. Local artists and young musicians need to have opportunities to see these world class acts so that they have something to learn from and aspire to.
Magda’s isn’t just a venue, it’s a community. Somewhere where like−minded people find friendship, support and valuable connections. I would recommend that you attend a gig at Magda’s sometime. See the love, effort and time that people volunteer to make community venues work, and see some music or theatre that you wouldn’t normally experience — I’d be happy to be your host!”Performed at Magda’s: 23.10.2016 – fundraiser for CD, mentioned above.

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